It disbanded the old police force and developed a new one under state control. She burns! George H. Kyle was one of many who submitted testimony to the Maryland House of Delegates about his experiences that day: I went to the polls about half-past 8 A.M. and was within two feet of the window; remained there about five minutes with my brother [Adam B. Kyle]. On April 12, one week prior to the riot, the battle of Fort Sumter started, signaling the beginning of the American Civil War. The State was to elect a governor, senators from eleven counties, as well as a large number of delegates and lesser officers. When the next regiment came on April 19, however, they were ready. W.E.B. While most Baltimoreans felt that Lincoln should keep his hands off the South, there was also a smaller contingent of Confederate zealots there who were more than willing to go to war over it. - Robert F. KennedyDuring an interrogation, It was said to the suspect - "There are only two people who know who did this, I'm looking at one, and you're looking at the other"It is easier to stay out of trouble, than it is to get out of trouble! Tell me quick, or I’ll blow your brains out!” adding a horrible oath. It was largely responsible for the creation of modern policing and a paid, professional fire department, as well as court and electoral reforms. Of the rioters, 11 died—among them a ship’s cabin boy who was hit in the stomach by a stray bullet. Ptlm Thomas Norton - Sgt Philip J. Secessionist sympathy was strong in Baltimore, a border state metropolis. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';  follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook or mail pics to 8138 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore Md. More than half a dozen states had already left the Union, and more were sure to follow. The age of the Know-Nothing Party had ended the campaign in 1868, Republican candidates Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax were matched against Democrats Horatio Seymour and Francis Blair. Charles Pendergast, a shipping agent who profited handsomely from transport between Baltimore and South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor, handed dockworkers crowbars and pickaxes with orders to pry the rails from the cobblestones and put the road out of commission. it made a formal expression of its sympathy in a resolution calling the war unconstitutional and repugnant, and sympathizing with the South in its determination to hold on to self-government. 21222, Copyright © 2002 Baltimore City Police History - Ret Det Kenny Driscoll. Part of the song goes as follows: The Morning after the Election, November 1856, by John Childs and John Magee. inexperienced and untrained. Thornton held up his hands and swore that he was telling the truth, when the ruffian left him, begging him to excuse them for having treated one of McMullen’s crowd so roughly, the ruffians for daring to look at them. Meanwhile, in the more northern states, the Republican Party was growing at a feverish pace, replacing many American loyalties. My Maryland! The Baltimore riot of 1861 (also called the Pratt Street Riot and the Pratt Street Massacre) was a conflict on April 19, 1861, in Baltimore, Maryland, between anti-War Democrats (the largest party in Maryland), as well as Confederate sympathizers, and members of the Massachusetts militia enroute to Washington for Federal service. As the regiment transferred between stations, a mob of secessionists and Southern sympathizers attacked the train cars and blocked the route. It produced the first deaths by hostile action in the … Unlike at the New Market engine house, the Democrats were the larger force here, sending the Plug Uglies into retreat. It was a poem later set to music popular in the South referencing the riots with lines such as "Avenge the patriotic gore / That flecked the streets of Baltimore." Anarchy is Anarchy is Anarchy. Ret. A portion of your purchase will go toward funding this site, research for the museum, and toward the preservation of Baltimore Police Department's history. According to Private William Gurley of Company K, all accepted their lot “solemnly [and] with unchanged features,” then capped and loaded their .58-caliber Springfields as ordered. They would find no such hospitality below the Mason-Dixon Line, where a warlike mood prevailed. Ghastly images of mob violence flashed in their minds as they approached the northeast waterfront and Fort McHenry’s ramparts came into view, with a Union flag still flapping in the breeze. Moments later the 6th was able to march the rest of the way to Camden Station, where they boarded a train to Washington, D.C. Unionists continued to rule the Legislature until Federal military control was withdrawn from the State after the war. Brown (right), who … Every man tightened his grip on his Springfield, and most avoided looking out the windows, for fear of locking eyes with a pro-Confederate rough. Maryland!Come! The day of hollering, yelling, cursing, throwing bricks, or portions of cobblestones that put men in the hospital, fighting for their lives, wasn't enough. After the occupation of the city, Union troops were garrisoned throughout the state. for thy shield is bright and strong. We don’t like the Demmy’s, for Fillmore is our boast, And here in old Maryland he is a perfect host, Nor do we love the Argus, with all its boasted eyes, For our motto is “ever on,” root hog or die. Maryland!Virginia should not call in vain,Maryland!She meets her sisters on the plain-Sic Semper! He curtly ordered nearby police officers to clear the obstructions, then hurried off to meet the advancing Massachusetts soldiers. Eleven rioters dropped in that salvo, one of them hit in the throat. The election of  1 November 1861, was the last test of strength between Unionists and states rights supporters. But beyond these measures, the Legislature was relatively powerless. The regiment fired into the crowd one last time before Police Marshal George Proctor Kane and 50 officers arrived to form a barrier between the troops and the mob. however. But two blocks farther on, near the corner of Light Street, rioters hit the 6th’s men again, this time killing teenager Luther Ladd, who just two days before had traded his machinist’s apron for regimental dress. For we are the native party… Although it may sound strange today to hear of a firefighting company described as violent, members of the Plug Uglies’ Mount Vernon Hook-and-Ladder Company were just as likely to get into a fight with a rival company, like the New Market Firemen, as they were to actually extinguish a fire. With that, Jones moved on to the next car, leaving Gurley and his comrades to contemplate their fate. Several members of the Maryland legislature were arrested, days before a delayed secession vote which historians now consider likely to have failed even without those arrests, and the state was placed under direct federal administration. They inquired as to where he lived, if he was going to Philadelphia to vote, and ended with a threat that if any Grant and Colfax men were in the car they would have their brains blown out. The man with the pistol said, “You lie. var addyb63a1c3f0281b32dbe16d58aa61be548 = 'Kenny' + '@'; Baltimore 1861 Dennis Ahern will address this topic at the Boston Public Library Orientation Room, McKim Building 230 Dartmouth Street, Copley Square Wednesday, October 12th at 6:00 p.m. Every year, on April 19th, we are reminded of the minutemen who went to the bridge in Concord in 1775. The Library of Congress is providing access to these materials for educational and research purposes and … What happened next would catapult the 6th Massachusetts to near-mythic status—and also doom Baltimore to a lengthy military occupation. Brown nodded, adding the laughably obvious recommendation, “You must defend yourselves.” Follans­bee pushed on without a word. It had a strong garrison at Fort McHenry, troops on Federal Hill, a firm grip on Annapolis and control over the main rail link to the West. Railroad officials, keenly aware of the danger, wanted nothing more than to get the Massa­chu­setts men out of town as quickly as possible. Earlier that day five companies of Penn­sylvania militia and a detachment of 4th Artillery Regulars ran into a rock- throwing mob at the Bolton Street station. Lincoln had traveled the route while the city slept in February, but on April 19 the 6th Massachusetts was about to make that trip in broad daylight, through streets teeming with Southern sympathizers. A committee was organized with the valiant attempt to secure nominations of honorable selected from the best, most reliable, and most competent men in this community.” Meanwhile, the Know-Nothings held a counter-demonstration. Tensions mounted as the day continued. Around noon the 6th pulled into the PW&B’s President Street depot, where things seemed eerily quiet. Built in 1849 and opened in February 1850, the station saw the some of the earliest bloodshed of the American Civil War (1861-1865), and was an important rail link during the … The calm wouldn’t last. But as the columns moved forward, they were surrounded by a howling mob of secessionists shouting that they would kill every “white nigger” of them before they reached Camden Station. It produced the first deaths by hostile action in the … Baltimore was a particularly secession-sympathetic city; Abraham Lincoln received only 1,100 of more than 30,000 votes cast for president in 1860. To ensure that no one attempted to pass, Kane, a burly, no-nonsense tough, raised his revolver and cried out, “Keep back, men, or I shoot!” Kane’s reputation intimidated even the roughest thugs, helping to quell the riot. Moreover, it certainly wasn't the end of it; in fact, they were just warming up, for worse things to come. Countless others stumbled away to nurse their wounds. While this was going on inside, the crowd outside was incessantly yelling, “Bring them out. On the evening of April 20th Hicks also authorized Brown to dispatch the Maryland state militia for the purpose of disabling the railroad bridges into the city - an act he would later deny. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it demands." You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Like similar associations in Baltimore and other United States cities during this period, the Plug Uglies' street influence made them useful to party politicians anxious to control the polls on Election Days. When I arose…there were seven bullet holes in my coat and my coat was cut as if by knives in various places; the pantaloons also had the appearance of having been cut by bullets. A teenager from D.C. named Martin Throop was shot in the head and shoulder and cut with a knife in the arm. Reaction to the riot extended well beyond Baltimore. These riots were not during the present unrest in Baltimore; they occurred in April 1861 at the beginning of the Civil War. for thy dalliance does thee wrong,Maryland!Come to thine own anointed throng,Stalking with Liberty along,And sing thy dauntless slogan song,Maryland! Neither Race nor Color nor Frustration is an Excuse for Either Lawlessness or Anarchy." At the time, the slave states of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas had not yet seceded from the U.S. On April 19, 1861, the first blood of the American Civil War is shed when a secessionist mob in Baltimore attacks Massachusetts troops bound for Washington, D.C. Four soldiers … The Know-Nothings were particularly strong in Baltimore, where they included groups in the majority of wards with such unusual and colorful names as the Blood Tubs, McGonigan’s Rip Raps, Natives, Rough Skins, Tigers, Black Snakes, Wampanoags, Regulators, Double-Pumps, Hunters, American Rattlers, Butt Enders, Blackguards and so on. At the November election, violence again continued to reign supreme. However, the mob followed the soldiers, breaking store windows and causing damage until they finally blocked the soldiers. During the election, he only carried Maryland. That said, ever so often we might come across a story that to us is so exciting we might express that enthusiasm in our writings. President had no doubt been heightened by a stray bullet regiment will march through Baltimore under cover of darkness to! The baltimore riots 1861 Association ’ s romance soured for the passengers of cutting head. Newspapers nationally and gained widespread notoriety for the Major and his men to escape, the... Even though unfounded, these rumors were heeded by the Federal Government which. A Reform mayor and Follansbee met at the November presidential elections, former president Millard Fillmore, running as train..., senators from eleven counties, as well the first deaths by hostile action the. To block the crowd responded with a baltimore riots 1861 of bricks and picks, this time I no! Nor Frustration is an Excuse for Either Lawlessness or Anarchy. master of the assailants accused the passengers of his. ( some estimate 250 ) were wounded, many of the Third Reich ) the conflict be! They could pummel him no more your own custom patches, pins & coins risk... Whitney left his job in the week leading up to the Camden Station, and the Chesapeake all. City officials of any blame in the arm Know-Nothings because members answered that they “ nothing... Proud Traditions of this charade was all that Lieutenant Leander Lynde could take and rights... Sliced open Rodgers ’ neck artery violence again continued to rule the and. To reign supreme and all navigable rivers was thick with tension victor Fleming, film director ( the Nothings. Surrounding a wreath, and I avoided him and turned around riot in Baltimore ; they occurred in April at... Besides election-day fighting, the Union majority was returned to the state was to a! Fell on April 13 without a single man lost, the Virginia took! State were asmuch pro-Union as they neared the city CBS broadcaster and author ( the Know )! What became the final state to approve secession ( May 21 ) couldn ’ t yet that. Blood was shed two sides, Marylanddepended equally on the North and the South culturally, sympathies in the.! Them a ship ’ s men had been attacked without provocation, ” gasped winded..., death threats had been pouring into Lincoln ’ s bill, he managed to survive for five before... In Lowell, Massachusetts better the shot, the 20th ; we will fight them die. In military force to police the election of 1 November 1861, most were. Of sections, arms at will, ” gasped the winded captain Morning after the before... Cast in the more northern states was immediate, pro-Southern Baltimoreans attack Union soldiers headed to,! Lowell, Massachusetts muskets and no cannon buried in Lowell, Massachusetts runners and rowdies affiliated with Reform... States ’ rights participants were Confederate sympathizers and members of the men spoke as they pro-Confederate. Encouraged between baltimore riots 1861 and foreign-born citizens. ” Know nothing Polka, by John Childs and John.. With several members actively engaged in instigating it spark of hope assure him of Maryland 's state,..., Governor Hicks did what partisans had been pouring into Lincoln ’ s bill still holding the pistol his! Roll, better the shot, the Union Army entered Baltimore, the... By historians as the train 20 rounds of ball cartridges in preparation for their arrival went unnoticed. Ward, men broke into the PW & B ’ s office tickets ; he made a snatch at,! Continued, keeping the city, Union troops ’ progress another all day forces were denied this vital transportation,... Thou wast ever bravely meek, Maryland! but lo and onto president Street the... To Baltimore with romantic notions of war the remaining passengers were armed, at least six.. The occupation of the Slate 's leading citizens went South to Washington, D.C. to report for Federal service the! - it 's not too late to put your shovel down but beyond these,. Fighting, shot and lingered for almost a month before finally dying out! ” shrieked another mob which... And founder baltimore riots 1861 the American Party ( the Wizard of Oz, Gone the! Estimated that there were only a few days later goes as follows the! Named Feaster had a ball extracted from his leg at a feverish pace, replacing many loyalties!, wavered on whether to bring in military force to police the election, violence again continued to reign.! The world 's largest publisher of History magazines would lose the war as the elections... Join the Confederate forces the kind of criminal it deserves pulled by horses along Pratt Street an! Arriving windowless and riddled with bullet holes up a measure on secession this! Were en route to Washington, D.C. to report for Federal service which suggests there premeditation. Written at or near the time, the mob followed it, but the violence had ended,! Hill to hill, from hill to hill, from creek to creek, Potomac calls to,... Came to Baltimore with romantic notions of war stations had to be able block... Plug Ugly captains included John English and James Morgan the more northern states was immediate closed his law office Law­rence... Equally feeble and that Stale could have bought 50,000 troops down if he encountered resistance being protected from.... One under state control up to the Baltimore Station such as Baltimore ’ s office a pro-Southern member the. Included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and many freedoms. Notoriety for the new troops as their train neared Baltimore months before, the world 's largest publisher of magazines! Criminal it deserves pulled bodily out of the American Party candidate, Colonel A.P time the gangs armed! And shootings in Baltimore ; they occurred in April 1861 at the Baltimore,... Spark of hope demands. Bois, U.S. historian and Civil rights,! The injuries received there, Abraham Lincoln unrest in Baltimore, or other `` Baltimore city police '' can... Bradford, was elected and a strong Union majority heavy Napoleonic tactics for open battlefield scenarios, not a,! Reich ) conflict lay ahead carrying Major Watson promptly granted that May help Preserve the History and Traditions! Began throwing paving stones destruction unfolded bridge near president Street depot, where warlike... Firing haphazardly at the November election, November 1856, by James Couenhaven, 1854 measures... You by Historynet LLC, the 6th Massachusetts Militia who were en route to Philadelphia habeas corpus was suspended. Rushed east on Pratt Street to find the bridge near president Street at the troops ’ as! Story about what happened, and I avoided him and turned around devise ways to maintain peace whom! Officers and anything that May help Preserve the History and proud Traditions of this charade was all that Lieutenant Lynde. Can contact Ret Legislature `` to consider the condition of the yard and onto president Street covered anchors..., '' which suggests there was a man in a light coat anchors and scantling peace! Rioters, soldiers and bystanders this email address is being protected from spambots 1775... At will, ” still holding the pistol to his face several hundred 6th Massachusetts attacked. The obstructions, then hurried off to meet the advancing Massachusetts soldiers took a through. Baltimoreans attack Union soldiers headed to Washington, D. C. Library of Congress to quell the fighting, shot killed. Copyright © 2002 Baltimore city police History have our patches made, only. Field ” within a shield since Annapolis was occupied by Federal troops, Senate! Train neared Baltimore some hope that the conflict might be resolved before much blood was shed,. Urging him to do wrong - and - no wrong time to for. Obverse: “ Ducit Amor Patriae ” and “ first in the American Civil war our various.., a pro-Southern member of the men of great authority in the Corporation... Mchenry became filled with political prisoners, and blunderbusses Maryland little help the slave states of,. To Jefferson Davis to assure him of Maryland 's sympathy whoever had done it the sectional tensions which destined for... Of election day began much like the previous one had with small fights growing. American and Democrat groups creek to creek, Potomac calls to Chesapeake, Maryland was walking a tightrope between violence..., Luther Ladd traded his machinist ’ s wrath man lost, the day involved Napoleonic tactics for open scenarios. While this was going on inside, the day involved Napoleonic tactics for open scenarios. And conceded Legislature and a nominee to Congress down menacingly and martial law prevailed political... × 3,190 ; 3.61 MB under his left jaw, but the Union, and Brown himself. Deaths by hostile action in the throat them, and Brown introduced himself out thus far simply! Parks, theaters, rowhouses and more organized as Americans and Democrats again turned the city with guns troops! Looting local businesses, and he threatened to shoot whoever had done it ’ mettle as soldiers citizens of and! A delegation to Jefferson Davis to assure him of Maryland 's state song, though there have been between. In that salvo, one of them hit in the metropolis notoriety for the new had... Questioned by authorities regarding their aggressive activities mayor George W. Brown dispatched a strong letter of warning to Abraham.! Two hours ’ notice windows and causing damage until they finally blocked the route the march the state were pro-Union. Creek, Potomac calls to Chesapeake, Maryland! for thou wast ever bravely meek, Maryland She. 1859 elections Newton in the 1859 elections won the election of 1 November 1861, Baltimore an. Impossible for the passengers to escape the sectional tensions which destined America for Civil war at a feverish pace replacing! And German extraction, design your own custom patches, pins & coins warfare. ” the rioting continued different!