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The Feliway Friends diffuser should be plugged into the room where your cats spend most of their time, you may need to use several diffusers, if your cats have separate or distant resting areas. FELIWAY FRIENDS is a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP) naturally produced by a nursing mother to her kittens after birth. Grâce au diffuseur électrique, cette phéromone apaisante se propage de manière efficace et durable dans la pièce. £7.90 £ 7. This can cause unfavourable behaviour such as fighting, hissing, growling, spitting and create an air of tension. Geranimo vous accompagne vous et votre animal au quotidien ! Feliway Friends 30 Day Starter Kit Diffuser and Refill For Cats. Feliway Friends är den första produkten på marknaden med dokumenterad effekt som kan minska spänningar och konflikter mellan katter. I used Feliway some years ago when my then cat started to over-wash her back legs and the Vet said it was likely to be stress. Le diffuseur FELIWAY FRIENDS® contient un analogue synthétique de la phéromone apaisante maternelle féline (C.A.P.). The diffuser helps you nurture your relationship with your cat or cats, by creating a loving environment for them. Feliway Friends/Multicat is the best type to use to reduce conflict in multi-cat households with the help of feline appeasement hormones. Get it Saturday, Jan 9. FELIWAY FRIENDS Refills, for use with FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffusers (sold separately), are a clinically proven pheromone solution to help cats live in harmony together at home. Two Types of Feliway. Screw refill vial onto diffuser unit. FELIWAY Classic and FELIWAY Friends refills and diffusers are compatible; FELIWAY Diffusers come with a plug that fits with the local electric systems of the country they have been bought from. Enter your name and email address below then select which items you would like to be notified of when available. How to use. 1:35. 70 m². I bought several of them on the Vet's advice and they did absolutely nothing to help. FELIWAY ® FRIENDS can be used in addition to other behaviour modification treatments your veterinarian or qualified behaviourist may recommend. FELIWAY Friends Calming Diffuser Refill for Cats - 3 pack at PetSmart. Additional refills are available separately which are also compatible with the original Feliway Diffuser. Au cours des tests cliniques, il a été démontré que Feliway réduisait le marquage urinaire de 74% à 98%, et a réduit le niveau de stress chez les chats hospitalisés. Find out more how it works. A diffuser covers an area of around 750 square feet provided that there are no obstructions. FELIWAY refills should never be used with another plug-in device. And FELISCRATCH? As an analog of this special calming pheromone, Feliway can also help cats feel peaceful. In terms of helping to resolve the problem, I'd have had more success trying to distract her with learning basic Calculus. FELIWAY CLASSI C Refills, for use with FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffusers (sold separately), are a clinically proven pheromone solution to help comfort and reassure your cat at home. Detta feromon skapar harmoniska band mellan katterna. Feliway Friends Refill is clinically proven to help reduce fighting between cats that share the same household. Feliway 47,785 views. FELIWAY CLASSIC and FELIWAY FRIENDS both come in diffuser form and should be plugged in the rooms your kitty spends most time in. FELIWAY ® FRIENDS is not a veterinary medicine. In addition to the pheromone content, FElIwAy ® diffusers contains a solvent which is a paraffin oil similar to other air freshener devices. Feliway friends has not brought them together but actually made them friendlier to me and fight for my attention more rather than encourage them to interact pisitively together. I'm trying the diffuser now but I can't say there is an improvement. What Can I Use to Improve Results With Feliway? To comfort the cat in an unknown or stressful environment (cage, car, boarding, new house, etc.). www.feliway.ca Many of … It's made things worse if anything. Let’s back this up a little. When used continuously, it can help to maintain constant harmony and help your cats get along better at home. enable accessibility | gift card | flyer | track your order sign up, earn points, get treats PetSmart. When the cats occupy more than one room, there needs to be a diffuser in all rooms. Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves or behind doors, curtains or furniture. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. The diffuser and refill works continuously to help reduce the frequency and intensity of fighting, tension and conflicts between cats in the home. FELIWAY ® FRIENDS is safe for pets and people when used as recommended. How to use a FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffuser - Duration: 1:35. Although Feliway on its own may not show a discernible change in cat behavior, pairing it with other anti-anxiety therapies may help you to see more of a positive effect. COPYRIGHT. Feliway Friends is available as a 30 day plug in diffuser and refill. Cats use chemical markers called pheromones to communicate back to themselves about the environment they’re in. This pheromone helps the kittens feel safe and secure and promotes a bond between them and their mother. Directions. Perhaps you need to become the mediator and could use a little help from FELIWAY FRIENDS! IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey - Animated Short Film - Duration: 13:01. FeliScratch by Feliway is recommended for use to prevent inappropriate scratching while the Feliway Classic Spray is the best type to use before travel, during vet visits, or if you’re moving to another home.
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