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Description of the plant The plant is a lactiferous herb. With 70 percent of the lettuce production, the region of Murcia has, by far, the largest share of exports. The forecast reveals the market The German market imports 186,000 tonnes of lettuce worth 156 million Euro. Lettuce is grown in home gardens worldwide. Despite the good quality of the lettuce, the demand is small. Top 10 importers of fresh vegetables worldwide (thousands of Canadian dollars) 6.2. The main varieties are the Romaine and Iceberg. you to find actionable insights and make data-driven decisions for The supply of lettuce has managed to keep up with the demand. China alone produced about 13.5 million tons. As discussed in section four, the majority of romaine lettuce consumed worldwide is grown in open agricultural systems. Every week, FreshPlaza and AGF.nl publish an overview of the market situation of a product in a global context. of industry-related topics. While the Iceberg was an unknown lettuce variety forty years ago, today it is practically impossible to imagine the shelf without it. Convenience products are developing rapidly and while the UK's convenience market has already reached a mature stage, there is still much room for growth in Germany, for example. Both countries are focusing on the same export markets. This report contains the latest data on market trends and opportunities Spain and then the US are the two largest exporters of lettuce in the world. 95 percent of the exports remain within the EU; for the other 5 percent, the main markets are Switzerland (37,000 tonnes), Belarus (20,000 tonnes) and Saudi Arabia (5,990 tonnes). A market in which lettuce is showing growth is the fresh cut. Low glycemic index is great for people who watch the level of blood sugar. It was hot when it should have been cold and cold when it should have been hot. | In the early 1900s, the ice shipping industry developed in the western states, expanding the range and popularity of lettuce. Lettuce has been grown in the United States since colonial times. Harvesting and Postharvest. The British lettuce market is reaping the fruits of the long Indian summer. Harvest iceberg lettuce at 45-60 days from transplanting, when heads are firm. Please click one of the other regions below to switch to another edition. The hydroponic lettuce market in Mexico has grown 12-fold in recent years. Demand for Little Gem is on the rise, although Iceberg lettuce has recently also seen a higher sales volume as a result of the falling prices. For the next season, no drastic changes are expected when it comes to the acreage. According to a report, the country's total production stands at 330,000 tonnes per year. Lettuce Market - Actionable Insights And Data-Driven Decisions" In recent months, the prices recorded have been low, but last week showed a small upturn. Lettuce cultivation in California is mainly concentrated on the central coast. This report contains the latest data on market trends and opportunities by country, consumption, production and lettuce developments, as well as on global trade (imports and exports). In the coming weeks, the Spanish supply will hit the market, but as yet there is still plenty of British lettuce available. The 2019 data, released in September, actually show lettuce heads doing slightly better against lettuce leaves than in 2017 and 2018 (ahead by 0.3 pounds instead of 0.1). The production, in fact, is expected to move outside Murcia; however, other challenges are at play in this process, such as the weather conditions. In the last decade, the market for this variety has also grown explosively in Italy. The convenience market is also gaining a strong foothold. Also, the trend to grow crops at home has taken a "bite" from the demand for California lettuce. However, in the 1900 ˇs the consumption had spread throughout the world. report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's Meanwhile, there is sufficient iceberg lettuce available in many European countries and this is slowing down trade. The fall in demand has been partly the result of the high temperatures, which have taken a toll on all varieties. 1-800-526-8630For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900Related However, in China, a majority of the lettuce produced is utilized for domestic consumption. World production of lettuce and chicory for 2017 was 27 million tonnes , 56% of which came from China. Lettuce is the most popular of the salad crops and is of great commercial importance; first-time Lettuce cultivated in ancient Egypt. According to the latest figures for week 37, the results in the lettuce market are in line with the historical data. In warm climates lettuce growing is usually restricted to the spring and fall, when temperatures are more moderate than in summer or winter. According to the figures available, millions of tonnes of lettuce are grown annually worldwide. Our only role is to ensure that farmers are following a set of science-based food safety practices on their farms to prevent foodborne illness. Worldwide lettuce consumption continues to increase. Head lettuce is the most important salad vegetable grown in the United States. The greenhouse production in the Netherlands and Belgium is plagued by fungi, which has put growers under pressure. Some studies have associated the consumption of lettuce with the decrease in the risk of being affected by different cancers. Making Data-Driven Decisions to Grow your Business, The Current State of the Market and its Prospects, 4. Abstract:Beer and wine are the most consumed ethanol-containing beverages worldwide and their impact on human health has been largely studied. Receive the daily newsletter in your email for free | Click here, << Back Maybe it was seen as spam, please browse some more articles on our site before trying again. This country purchases an average of one in every four heads of lettuce. In 2013, 24.9 million tons of lettuce were produced in the world. offering. Global Market of Agricultural Products, Finding New Products to Diversify your Business, Choosing the Best Countries to Establish your Sustainable Supply Chain, Choosing the Best Countries to Boost your Exports, Preparing your Business for Global Expansion, The Latest Trends and Insights into the Industry, The Largest Importers on the Market and How they Succeed, The Largest Exporters on the Market and How they Succeed, The Best Market Lettuces and Their Trend Patterns, The Largest Producers on the Market and Their Profiles, For more information about this report visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/bzkcg4/global_lettuce?w=4, ResearchAndMarkets.comLaura Wood, Senior Managerpress@researchandmarkets.comFor Partly because of this, there is currently a shortage of greenhouse lettuce, which is resulting in favourable prices and is expected to lead to a reduction of the acreage. Most of the acreage is planted with Iceberg lettuce, but there is a trend to plant a wider range of varieties. Lettuce is adapted to cool growing conditions with the optimum temperatures for growth of 60 to 65°F. The water supply will have an impact on the production in some regions, with shortages leading to changes in the production areas. The Global Consumption Database is a one-stop source of data on household consumption patterns in developing countries. France is the second largest customer, with 16 percent of the exports (115,500 tonnes worth 104,000 Euro). Fri 23 Sep 2016 and Vegetables, "Global Consumption of iceberg lettuce peaked in 1989 at 28.7 pounds and by 2004 had decreased to 22.5 pounds, still slightly above consumption in 1960. There were a few temperature spikes, but they did not last long enough to take a toll on the production. This same grower is reported to be launching a pilot project this year with supermarkets in the US. If migrant workers are no longer allowed in the UK labour market, the production could be significantly affected and move to countries like Poland or Spain. Italian consumers increasingly opt for fresh-cut salad, which entails taking a lot of information home beside a fresh salad. Select a country, sector or product to view key data--OR----OR--For more information and additional tables, see our . Imports from Spain and Northern Europe dominate the Italian market. 3. With sustainable irrigation systems, this figure should be reduced. Furthermore, there was plenty of rainfall, with June being a particularly wet month. A small-scale double-blind crossover trial was performed in order to evaluate the effects of simultaneous consumption of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beer and lettuce on plasma antioxidant status. In the European lettuce market, there appears to be sufficient room for this kind of innovation and quality product. Cancer. A study published in "Diabetes Care" in December 2004 showed that consumption of leafy greens, like lettuce, may help reduce our risk of type 2 diabetes. The scenario changed since the late 1900’s when the crop began to be cultivated in large-scale in other parts of the world. The late summer in the United Kingdom has resulted in a good market. The highest amount consumed in the given time period was 64.2 million kilograms in 2012. This report presents a selection of tables and figures on a wide range
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