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precast step unit. They’re also an addition layer of protection against weather damage and add to the lifetime of these outdoor structures. Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:30 pm SSince concrete chimney caps are intended to close the top of the chimney, any break in the chimney's surface can mean trouble for the homeowner. Pillars & Arches. 16″ Round. 2021 Genest Precast, Sanford, Maine, Home Builders & Remodeling Association of Maine. ... 28" x 28" Chimney Cap: Download 28" x 50" Chimney Cap: Download Flue Starters: Download Wall and Pier capping. 20 x 24 Square. May through October: I wanted to grab a mold so I … The block yard was out of chimney caps this week and after tons of calling around I had to pour my own. 207-324-7474 or Precast chimney caps meet current standards of performance and durability and are manufactured to the highest quality available. Ardee Precast Concrete manufacture a wide range of chimney capping products for both commercial and residential development. Architects, General Contractors and Developers look to Northwest Precast as a resource for innovative solutions. Masonry Ovens . precast light pole bases. Maine Motor Transport Association Thank you. The thinnest area of the precast concrete crown cannot be less than 2-inches thick. By installing what is commonly refered to as a 'Drip Channel' in the underside of the crown edges, the water must drip off instead of running back towards the chimney. DIRECTIONS & LOCATIONS; precast chimney cap. Greg Dodd Masonry is based in Long beach, CA 90808. Chimney Caps Prevent fires, help keep water out, and maintain the safety of your home or building with NuCast's precast concrete chimney caps. 18″ Round. precast trench drain. PHONE: 207-324-7474 or 207-324-7215 . A chimney cap, sometimes referred to as a crown, is a reinforced concrete cap placed over the top of a brick and mortar chimney. Chimney Hood. Concrete single chimney cap (720 x 720mm). Quality Precast Concrete Chimney Caps. Concrete Chimney Caps - 28" x 50" and 28" x 28" :: Molloy Precast Products Ltd., Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland Keywords: Precast Concrete Chimney Caps - Available in size, 28" x 50" and 28" x 28" Created Date: 1/17/2009 2:14:58 PM 1 rise precast step unit. Plastic Coated (Blue / Yellow) Chimney Caps. The flue retainer creates a way to transition from the size and shape at the opening at the top of the fireplace cavity to the reduced diameter of the chimney flue itself. precast concrete pier. Closed Saturday & Sunday Our hand c. Concrete Chimney Caps Concrete chimney caps or chimney copings are available in a plain or moulded / tiered finish. Mould adjustments can be carried out in-house to allow bespoke units of any size to be produced. We work closely with you the ensure we get all the measurements and … 207-324-7215, COMPANY HOURS Windowsills, garden accessories and chimney caps from J&J Precast complement your home’s architectural style because we customize every piece to your specifications. Make sure the crown doesn't have mortar in it as the material. Custom Stonework. Please call for a more accurate description or product prices. We have developed the country's most popular range of concrete fencing products, to meet all your customer needs. JBR Precast Concrete manufactures our own precast concrete products so we are able to meet any specification that fit the needs of any chimney cap for you home or property. Many chimney caps are not built correctly. 1 rise precast side entrance. Chimney Caps 28 in x 28 in Chimney cap. Precast Concrete. Pilaster caps accentuate the ambiance of any outdoor space by being the final touch in refining the look of concrete walls. We … NuCast's precast concrete chimney caps come in three sizes: 8" x 8" flue opening (19.25" x 19.25" outer dimension), 8" x 12" flue (19.25" x 23.25" outer dimension), and 12" x 12" flue (23" x 23" outer dimension). Fire Department Stamped Patio Block 18x18. We combine distinctive good looks with high strength, hardrock concrete. Truck Parking Bumpers. For original construction or replacing lost or broken architectural features, ask J&J Precast for … But much of the time, chimney crowns are poorly built. Rock-faced v-interlock block (2ftx2ftx4ft) For more information Click Here. 1 rise precast porch unit. Precast Concrete. ... From our purpose-built factory in Ardagh, Co. They should be made, when possible from precast concrete or cut-stone. 2020 has been a whirlwind to say t, A water feature makes ALL the difference when crea, We hope you had the very best Christmas with your, With the holidays quickly approaching we plan to s, Backyard living is a lifestyle that we can definit, Pools and spas never looked so good, and for that, Imagine this view every night after a long day of, Sometimes it’s just all in the curve! The virtues of the in-plant production are our motivation for providing pre-cast concrete to the markets we serve. Chimney Repair. Wall Cap by Stepstone, Inc. will change the way you finish concrete walls. 8" x 12" Precast Chimeny Cap 12" x 12" Precast Chimney Cap. Our pilaster caps complement the broad range of Pacific Stone Design, Inc. products, we manufacture them in a variety of sizes, styles and dimensions so our clients have virtually complete design flexibility. Flue Gatherer. Currently there are no products under this category, We are working on this, Products will be available soon. If you have the need, we have the products. Precast Concrete Tanks. We now produce over 55 different types of chimney caps available as standard, the breadth of our experience is easy to comprehend. Like most other products there are various different types’ of chimney caps/copings available at Hasson Concrete Products. Molloy manufacture the most comprehensive range of precast concrete tanks in Ireland. Over-hanging concrete chimney caps allow water to drip off the top of the chimney. 18″ Square. Concrete Repair. Standard Parking Bumpers. Circle. They come in both a square and a moulded finish similar to wall copings. Family Owned | Handcrafted | American Made |, Happy New Year! © 2 rise precast porch unit. Construction procedures of both cast-in-place concrete chimney crown and precast concrete chimney crown are described below. We offer more style, texture, and color options than anyone else in the industry. Precast crowns can be casted in larger sizes but it is difficult to lift the large crown parts to greater heights. Fireplace Mantels. All Advanced Concrete precast products are made in-house and are of the highest quality! Call us at 262-547-8603 1410 Ellis Street • Waukesha WI 53186 Precast Concrete Wall Caps While wall caps accentuate the ambiance of any outdoor space, they can also be a functional element as a place for sitting or lounge area. Stamped Concrete. architectural precast and cast stone products since 1990! NuCast's precast concrete chimney caps come in three sizes: 8" x 8" flue opening (19.25" x 19.25" outer dimension), 8" x 12" flue (19.25" x 23.25" outer dimension), and 12" x 12" flue (23" x 23" outer dimension). In addition, they give a layer of protection against weather damage and add to the lifetime of these outdoor structures. Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm, MEMBER: precast patio blocks. I usually pour my own on multi flue chimneys, but on an 8" single flue it is way easier to just slap a cap on it and caulk the gap. The Chimney cap should hang over the block/brickwork by approx 2″ either side, so be sure to build the chimney according to how you want to finish it! Products include: Bumper blocks, cement porch, cement stairs, cement steps, chimney caps, concrete porch steps, concrete stairs, concrete steps, mini jersey barriers, parking curbs, precast concrete stairs, precast concrete steps, vinyl railing,wrought iron railing and more. 20 x 20 Round. This single chimney cap would be for a single flue chimney stack construction. See our range below. November through April: They’re also an addition layer of protection against weather damage and add to the lifetime of these outdoor structures. The extension of the crown beyond the outside of the chimney wall shouldn't be less than 2½ -inches. JBR Precast Concrete of Wisconsin offers Precast Concrete Services, Sign Bases, Curbside Signs, Car Stops, Chimney Caps, and Culvert Ends. NFIB Find the size that best fits your need! Outdoor Entertainment. precast concrete bench end. 24 x 24 Round. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Home Builders & Remodeling Association of Maine They are available in twelve standard colors and two styles - Classic and Square Modular. National Association of Home Builders, © Pilaster caps accentuate the ambiance of any outdoor space by being the final touch in refining the look of concrete walls. Wall Caps work perfectly as garden bench seats or as a design element that will refine your walls' appearance. Building Precast. Our precast concrete chimney caps and flue retainers allow for the speedy construction of a high quality and safe chimney system. We also manufacture flue gatherers and flue fire heads. Square Chimney Caps. 27 x 27 Round. 16″ Square. Whether made of precast or cast-in-place concrete, a properly constructed chimney crown (also called a cap or top plate) sheds water and seals the top of the chimney. Precast concrete offers an almost endless variety of products and design options for both above ground and underground construction. Georgian Pillars. Parking Bumpers. Chimney Caps Killeshal has been producing precast concrete chimney caps as part of its standard product range almost since its inception. Type Graphic Download; 7" Wallcap: Download Custom Concrete Countertops. CTU Precast services the states of California, Oregon and Nevada with quality precast/pre-stressed concrete products which are used for commercial, industrial and institutional projects. 24 x 24 Square. COMPANY HOURS May through October: Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:30 pm 50 X 28 In Chimney Cap. For more information contact us > ©2020 Cemstone. If there are cracks, moisture can seep down in to your walls and ceiling, creating wet spots and water damage which will become a perfect starting point for wood rot and mold spores. From the largest infrastructure projects to the smallest architectural details, precast is one of the most versatile and sustainable building materials available for today's fast-paced, environmentally conscious construction. The concrete crowns you are using, must be cast-in-place. We take tremendous pride in our concrete precast and GFRC products and it shows for itself in every piece. Concrete Block & Precast / Chimney Caps; Chimney Caps. Catch Basin Ring 30'inch (Cover lids available at 18'inch) Chimney Cap. Poor crown construction is a leading cause of chimney … 42 in X 28 In chimney cap. precast splash block. Drainage Channels. The openings for the flue liners should be one-inch larger than the … Rectangle Chimney Cap. Purpose of an over-hanging concrete chimney cap. Chimney Caps - NuCast Precast Concrete Products-Redford, MI Whether it’s rustic, classic elegance or more modern feel, these architectural finishing touches can add dimension to any design project. Building Products High quality, good design and great value are the hallmarks of the range that features a wide variety of essential building products for refurbishment, new build housing and commercial projects. Precast Concrete Pilaster Caps. NuCast's precast concrete splash blocks are durable products designed to get the job done. Patio Block 18 x 18 24 x 24. Precast Concrete. 20 x 20 Square. PHONE: 14 x 16 Chimney Hood Chimney Caps by Genest Precast. Cast-in-place chimney crowns are suitable for large chimneys while precast concrete crowns are suitable for smaller jobs. Find the size that best fits your need! Oven Hoods.
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