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Hand-picked, the growers have met the highest standards. Price - polyester is the least expensive, followed by cotton and wool is the most expensive. ✉: cust-service@lovebugstudios.com. Do you pre-wash your fabric when using wool batting since it doesn’t shrink very much (or at all)? Wool is typically not going to be pure white, so if you have a quilt with lots of white fabric, it might cause a slight yellowish cast to the fabric that you find undesirable. Batting is the filling of quilts and makes them warm and heavy. Dimensions: 88 in wide, 2.8 lbs / linear yd Sold by the yard No chemicals, pesticides or herbicides have been used in the processing of this wool. It’s super-soft and drapes beautifully. It can add so much to a quilt to add a bit of simple applique, and ... Hi everyone! Last week, I took out a few of my quilts to take some photos, and there were creases where they had been folded. Cleaning: Spot clean only. As nouns the difference between cotton and batting is that cotton is a plant that encases its seed in a thin fiber that is harvested and used as a fabric or cloth while batting is (sewing) cotton, wool, silk or synthetic material used to stuff the inside of a mattress, quilt etc or batting can be the act of someone who bats. thanks so much for your thoughts on the different wool battings out there! When upholstering a piece of furniture, it is important to consider the intended use the furniture will have prior to selecting the batting … Welcome to the Henry Glass Jolly Holiday Party! You would think that when you have a builder that you don't have anything to... LOVE this thread! Make sure you check out everything I have here for you, and be sure to vote in the polls! Warmth - Wool is the warmest, followed by polyester and then cotton. It has been used as batting for many years which means it is good and proven by users around the world. Knowing how far apart you can stitch can help you decide whether your desired quilting motif can be done. The benefits of cotton batting include softness, comfort, moisture absorption, sustainability, and natural fibers. Ask me how I know. The superwashed process successfully smooths the scales on wool fibers. Funding Campaign for My Book Goes Live, Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Modern Art Challenge », http://www.quiltersdreambatting.com/dream-angel.htm, Click to access the login or register cheese, Natural, renewable, environmentally friendly, Great stitch definition by hand or machine, Can be expensive; many people are allergic. What batting would you like me to talk about next? This is an online-only store. I can’t wear wool against my skin, but with just a bit of a buffer, it’s no problem. While both provide comfort to us, wool is used in winters whereas cotton is used more during summers though there are many who use it all round the year. The key difference between cotton and wool is that cotton is light and soft whereas wool is thicker and able to retain heat. Wool batting is a sheet of wool fibers, aligned and layered in sheer sheets on top of each other, over and over until the batt’s desired weight is achieved.A wool batting wrap around latex both is used both when making couch cushions and when making a … So you will have contact with the wool batting when you lie under the quilt. I’m allergic to wool myself, so I don’t snuggle under the wool quilts I’ve made, but it’s not a problem to have it in the house or quilt with it since I don’t have prolonged contact with the wool as I am working. Batting is often manufactured with different types of fibers held together using different types of methods such as bonded, needle-punched, and scrim. Click on a fabric swatch to see the whole collection! I have used both Hobbs and Quilters’ Dream wool batting and would rate them excellent. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women. Not surprising with all that has been going on. Probably the biggest factor that keeps people from using wool on a regular basis is the expense; it can cost between 50-60% more for wool batting than for 100% natural cotton. : 866-439-6681 Cotton vs. Heirloom® Wool is a lightweight, breathable batting that is comfortable for sleeping in all climates. Also, because of the open loft, if you have a light colored quilt top and a darker quilt backing, you might see the back through the top, especially if you quilt densely like I do. Oftenly made from cotton, polyester, blends, or wool, this makes quilts warm and thickness. And regarding the shrinkage, I think I will rephrase my statement above. I make bed quilts and mostly use Quilters’ Dream Select, a mid loft all cotton batting. Thankfully, someone picked them up for me at the retreat and ... Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my blog. They need more washing, and the batting cost is less. As I longarm quilt for others I get pretty much everything to work on. Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 100% Wool Batting is a lightweight, breathable batting that breathes naturally and is comfortable for use in all climates, even hot and humid climates! Wool batting compared to cotton/wool blend batting. I’ve only used it once, but it definitely shrank. Pacafil alpaca blend batting is available by the yard in two varieties: a 50% alpaca/cotton blend and a 50% alpaca/wool blend. But with batting, the wool comes off the machine in thin sheets which are layered to form thicker fluffy sheets. Help! It is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. WOOL BATTING. Wool Batting Last week, I took out a few of my quilts to take some photos, and there were creases where they had been folded. Connecting threads has a sale on batting and I'm considering wool this time. Seems like the wool would drape and be so cuddly where the warm and natural cotton is stiffer. However, it will be a bit more costly than the polyester one. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don't know how to cook or clean, don't want to have children, etc. The only time I prewash is when I’m working with hand-dyed fabric… so, not very often. I usually quilt the snot out of everything, so I don’t normally pay attention to these factors. Grayslake, IL 60030 Take a long look in the mirror, and examine yourself, and I'm sure you'll see why you can't get and keep an American woman happy. Have you used wool in a quilt before? It gives you warmth without weight, and washes up perfectly. Harvesting it from sheep doesn’t harm them, and it grows back. Do you have a preference? The wool would be just too darn puffy for my preference. Cotton batting isn't as forgiving when there is … Upholstery batting is the fabric padding found between two layers of upholstery covering that is typically made from materials such as foam, cotton, wool or polyester. Wool has so many virtues, it’s hard to pick which ones to remark on. . Glad you found it useful. I am looking for an alternative to cotton batting for quilts because they come out just so darn heavy! If you’ve never used wool before, you should try it at least once! Mine says little or no shrinkage and something about less bearding. The two wool battings that I have tried were both pre-washed by the manufacturer, but you have to read the packaging to know whether you will encounter shrinkage from the batting you’ve selected. Cotton batting is made with shorter fibres, so you need to stitch closer together to stop it coming apart with washing and wear. Polyester and bamboo batting drape batter than cotton and wool batting. If you can wear/use wool with a cotton barrier, like a cotton turtleneck under a wool sweater, it’s probably what’s IN the wool that bothers. http://www.quiltersdreambatting.com/dream-angel.htm. First, wool is a renewable & sustainable natural fiber. My normal wall hanging batting is warm and natural cotton but don’t like how flat it looks on a bed quilt. I use cotton for all my wall quilts and baby quilts. . Both types of batting come in a 90-inch width. It is beautiful. It breathes, so doesn’t get damp feeling in humid weather. the way I understand “batting” is cotton is denser than wool and keeps heat in just as well as wool. The extra loft provided by the wool not only helps a quilter's design look great, it drapes beautifully! What happens is usually the guard hairs are not totally removed from things such as batting so this makes it scratchier. Has anyone tried both Hobbs and Quilters Dream wool batting and preferred one over the over? As a knitter who has to take into account people reactions to natural fibers, I can tell you that most people are not allergic to lanolin. Terms & Conditions | Privacy | Official Contest Rules, « Kickstarted! BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN!www.BoycottBitches.comI am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. Making stems and vines and even lettering is easy if you use bias tape. not clear how you can quilt with wool but not use it in a quilt to snuggle under. I know this has been around the block a few times but I've never used wool batting before. This quilt is going in a magazine, so getting great stitch definition for photos is definitely the way to go. Again thank you!! Buy Pellon & Fairfield batting at JOANN. All in all, I really like quilting with wool, so I’ll probably try out what QD has to offer, since I like the fact that it’s heat bonded & therefore more environmentally friendly. Quilt vs. Upholstery Batting Quilt and upholstery batting can be made of the same material, but the difference between the two is in the density. Hobbs Heirloom wool batting-"Queen 90" x 108" Heirloom Wool is a completely washable 100% wool batting that is resin bonded to resist bearding. This type tends to have a lower loft, so it is often used for fine and intricate stitching. What did you think of it? It is a really fun site, so go read my post on July 2... Hello bloggers! I got my 100% alpaca quilt batting from Inca Fashions. Another great feature of wool is that it springs back, so it resists creases and folds. If you’ve been thinking about the virtues of using wool batting in a quilt but don’t feel compelled to try it, let me explain why you should. If there's lots of very close quilting or uneven quilting, then I would definitely go with Hobbs Heirloom 100% Wool Batting. It’s a skin irritant for me but if I limit contact I am okay. Is the Hobbs wool batting worth the effort required for washing and drying? I made it in 1974. I lost two quilts this week. All I know is that it has been so long since I wrote a post that I forgot how to get in here,... Hello quilters! The most sustainable selection of batting, and filling materials includes certified organic cotton, buckwheat hulls, and shredded rubber by the pound. I’ve been considering using wool for a bed quilt and now I feel more confident about trying it. I usually make that decision after the backing is loaded and I’m standing there thinking, “What batting do I want to use this time?” , I happen to like the crinkly look that quilts get once they’ve been washed, and that can be achieved either with the fabric, the batting, or both. There is no other wool similar to Heirloom Wool. The blend is 80% cotton and 20% wool. Thanks for the post. Key Difference – Cotton vs Wool Cotton and wool are two of the most widely used natural products used for our clothing. I would think the cotton would be a buffer to any allergic reaction. I am the first of the Henry Glass designers to post. | Free Shipping Over $50 | by Organic Cotton Plus Loft - The weight and thickness of batting is measured by its loft. Home --All the Quilt-iness you could want! Filed Under: Quilting Tutorials Tagged With: Batting. Then again, you won’t find such breathability in polyester battings. Once it’s loaded on my frame, I don’t really have to deal with it too much. Yes Kate I think my allergy is like yours – I can’t have it against my skin, and I should state that I’m too scared to try laying under my wool quilts because of previous bad experiences. Also the type of wool that is used is usually from “less desirable” coats. The foreign women can have you! Batting, also known as wadding,is usually used in quilting as an insulation layer between fabrics. If you wash wool or use it/ wear it it becomes softer with age. , 1862 E. Belvidere Rd. It can also be a bit higher loft than cotton, so it’s a good alternative to polyester if you’re looking for a high-loft natural-fiber batting. 3%. I know Legacy uses resin bonding and Quilter’s Dream uses thermal, so I would consider QD to be the more environmentally favorable of the two. Here’s a link! I don’t want to hand wash any quilt and I don’t want to dry it on a clothes line. It is much cheaper. You don’t have to invest in an entire roll; get a craft size and make a couple of smaller wall hangings to try it out. Curious to hear that it’s not supposed to shrink. With this one quilt I'd unfolded, the crease wouldn't come out! People in the UK call cotton batting ‘COTTON WADDING’. Batting typically comes in white and off-white colors. It is recommended to dry your projects flat. It’s not an allergic reaction in the sense that if I touch it I break out in hives, but prolonged contact does irritate my skin. Cotton and wool breathe better than polyester. Wool Roving vs. It is the finest wool batting on the market today. I only use cotton for baby quilts). Almost a month. Probably the biggest factor that keeps people from using wool on a regular basis is the expense; it can cost between 50-60% more for wool batting than for 100% natural cotton. World Class Wool is imported from Wool harvested from the most premiere places in the world including South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It also provides really great stitch definition, so people who are quilting to enter shows will often use wool in their pieces to really showcase their stitching. Quilt Batting Cotton vs Wool. thanks in advance for your opinions! I have found that QD doesn’t beard, maybe because the fibers are long enough they don’t poke through? So far it has worked well. Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting is a wonderful blend of 80% fine cotton and 20% superwashed wool. These are the two most popular materials when it comes to quilting batting. Wool Batting Comparing wool roving and wool batting was once one of the foundations of the Surface Design class, but that exploration felt most possible for in person classes. - cotton batting tends to be stiffer than poly batting, resulting in quilts which don't conform to your body as well, but laundering will soften both types up to some degree. Wool is great for hand quilting and machine quilting. It is 100% fire retardant and much safer for children than polyester. Trying to decide whether the next one should be prewashed to avoid that. This might even be a record. This means it becomes less itchy for most people. The four kinds of batting include 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends, polyester and wool. How do I remove the fuzz? I have been busy finishing up odds and ends for the house. Much of the wool batting being made these days is machine washable, and because manufacturer’s prewash it, it won’t really shrink at all, so it is comparable to 100% polyester (shrinkage from 0-2%.) I wouldn’t ever use wool in a baby blanket; you just never know if it might irritate their skin or cause an adverse reaction. Let me know what you think! It can be hard to see in a photo,  but see that crease right through the middle flowers. It is heavy but warm. Cotton batted baby quilts can be used for play rugs, picnic and beach blankets as well as for the crib or a nap. I always use Quilters Dream Angel for baby quilts if I’m not using wool. Then I remembered that it was a rare occurrence where my quilter used cotton batting. Wool makes me itch but not allergic other than that. Your package of cotton batting may say 100% cotton but if you read the fine print it will add 3% polyester---which is the scrim layer. I got Hobbs as it was all our local shop had but will definitely try Quilters Dream also. Cotton, which falls under the natural fibers category, is often favored for its all-season comfort and soft texture. This is another factor that makes it ideal for show quilts, since those are always getting folded and shipped somewhere. Just ask the winning pros! I include the fibers in the online Surface Design class, as I think it’s a benefit for everyone to experience working with fibres in their different forms. Another important factor is that lots of people are allergic to wool, so it’s not a good idea to use wool in a quilt you are gifting unless you know for sure the recipient is not allergic. I don’t feel “weighted down” with several wool quilts on me. I thought I would give you a BERNINA update. PMB 388 For a summertime quilt I have used a light weight flannel as my batting. As verbs the difference between cotton and batting Another important property to consider is how far apart you can quilt using wool, and that’s going to vary by manufacturer. Actually, when I buy wool wholesale, it’s twice as expensive as cotton, but when I price it for sale to my long arm customers, I narrow that gap so it isn’t as much of a sticker shock. It is available in three sizes: crib (45” x 54”), queen (90” x 90”), and king (108” x 90”). Cotton vs. Polyester Batting: Which One to Choose? Resin bonded and drapeable, this batting quilts up to 4 inches apart. An allergist told me that if people suspect they have a wool allergy, it is often the residual lanolin their skin is reacting to, or the chemicals used to pull the lanolin out of the wool during processing. It also retains both warm and cool temperatures. The wool quilts feel more pliant than cotton quilts to me. The wool makes the batt a bit loftier than 80/20 batting (80% cotton / 20% polyester) that I typically use so the finished quilt is a bit thicker, heavier, maybe more substantial is the word I'm looking for .... anyway, it feels different - which is okay. Just like wool in clothing, this cotton and wool batting will give you wonderful insulation. No problem Charity! Wool Batting will seep through the woven fabric of your quilt. This usually happens when I open a quilt that has been folded for a while, but I usually use wool batting for most of my quilts, which means the creases fall out quickly. Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 12:32:00 AM MST, Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 9:45:00 AM MST. The top piece and backing are not a solid barrier from your batting. Wool is a bit fluffier letting air circulate around the fibers, but still keeping the warmth. Store hours: We don't have any. I rarely pre-wash my fabric at all, and I don’t usually make a decision about the batting before I load a quilt on the frame. (Unfortunately, I know this from experience.) It's usually manufactured from cotton, polyester or wool, and recently manufacturers started to use bamboo fibers. Wool is warm, but breathable, so it’s great for bed quilts. Thanks so much for all your comments on my blog! I was gone for Market and Festival, so it seemed like forever. Your info was helpful – especially the part about how back might show through if you have a dark back and light front. Thank you for the info on wool. It highlights my machine quilting beautifully and hangs well from the wall. Cotton batts usually have a thin poly "film" in the center and the fibers are needlepunched through the film to stabilize the fibers and give an even layer. It also weighs less than cotton batting, and that is great for me in the winter because I live on a mountain just below the peak and use at least two quilts. Shrinkage approx. Wool has an open, medium loft (1/4″ – 1/3″), and it’s strong. Cotton is a traditional natural fiber batting. Although wool can be washed, the availability of easy-care batting such as polyester and cotton blends makes them more popular for quilting. Edited to add: please check the packaging on your wool batting to confirm that it is prewashed & preshrunk. Hobbs Tuscany 100% Wool Batting is a favorite choice for both hand and machine quilters, and it’s fast becoming the number-one choice for show quilts (often paired with a second batting such as Hobbs’ Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting). If you want extreme softness, then you should go for the cotton batting. This makes the wool pleasant to … They also have a cotton/wool blend. I have used the Hobbs Silk/poly blend-lovely -and the QD bamboo, sooo soft, both a bit expensive. . Batting (also known as batts or fleece) and roving have both been pulled through carding machines which comb and align the fibers to some degree. I machine quilt it, and I love the results. When you use wool, it’s even more important that you label your quilts with the fiber content so that people know what to expect. It is designed for hand quilting, as well as for machine and long-arm projects, and resists bunching and fiber migration. The Quilters Dream Wool batting sounded exactly what I am looking for. Hobbs wool batting is made of the finest superwashed wool in the world. Wool batting is my favorite for bed quilts. If you’re interested in trying any of the batting I carry, I will sell batting off my bolts, and sometimes I have smaller leftover pieces you can purchase at a discount. I l... Hey everyone, I am finally back from Houston! (not a store; mailing address only), ☏: 877-577-8458 Want to know what batting I carry here in the studio? For Legacy it is 4″; QD is 8″. I like this, because it clearly suggests the use for this material as more suited to internal stuffing than the lighter surface-oriented treatment of a cushion wrap. If you haven’t, do you think you’ll try it now? Make cozy, warm quilts & comforters with cotton batting, wool batting & quilt batting. This usually happens when I open a quilt that has been folded for a while, but I usually use wool batting for most … Reply. I washed a quilt that I used wool batting in, and when I pulled it out of the washer, it was all fuzzy! (This is also why I do not use polyester and such for baby quilts, the synthetic batting can scratch sensitive skin and eyes. An allergy would include respiratory symptoms, coughing, sneezing, runny nose and eyes, sore throat, etc., all the way up to anaphylactic shock.Since the QD says it is “scoured” and super cleaned,I’d think it would be less of an irritant. I just use an old wool blanket. Check out my collections! Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting is a super soft and cuddly batting that's ideal for bed quilts or as a second batting layer (behind Hobbs' Tuscany 100% Wool Batting) in show quilts. Wool fibers are “bonded” to make the batting, and the most common types of bonding are resin and thermal. The reason I can quilt with it is because there’s very little direct contact between my skin and the batting as I am quilting. I have read about Hobbs wool batting, but was put off by the washing and drying restrictions. Thermal bonding is a heating process, where resin bonding is a chemical treatment. Disadvantages of Using Wool Batting. Wool – Wool batting has the warmth of cotton while being much lighter in weight, so this type of batting is great for more of a three-season quilt. Here is a description of the two different types of batting that I have found so far. I have photos to show you, b... Hello, just for your info, I was asked to guest post on a blog called Stash Manicure. I bought a small crib size to try and love how it looks-fluffy, soft and so pretty-looks like a cloud. Maybe it depends how allergic you are? But with the Heirloom cotton batting it's made with 80% long staple fibres and 20% polyester fibres so you can stitch up to 31/2'' apart, which is pretty good - and as I am planning on stippling my bits, fine for me. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste.
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